Sasha Kids (LA Ultra)


Made of durable non-toxic TR90 memory flex frame. It is child-safe, lightweight and comfortable for daily wear, suitable for children aged 4 to 12 years old.

Visioneer ULTRA Light-Adaptive Digital Protection features
 Ultra-high-definition(UHD). Superior optical clarity
 High-performance light-adaptive. Fast transition.
 Superhydrophobic. Dirt, water-repellent & fog-resistant
 Blocks 100% UV rays & filters harmful blue light radiation
 Enhanced anti-reflective coating. Minimizes glare and reflection
 Helps to reduce eye strain and improve sleep quality
 🇺🇸 USA Lab-Certified Advanced Lens Technology. Cert#O-VER092121
 100% organic material

Frame features
✔ Ultra-lightweight TR90 frame
✔ Safe and non-toxic materials
✔ Corrosion-resistant

Visioneer ULTRA Light-Adaptive Digital Protection Eyeglasses

Frame width: 127 mm
Frame height: 43 mm
Lens width: 48 mm
Lens height: 38 mm
Bridge width: 14 mm
Temple length: 127 mm
Weight: 21 grams
Replaceable lens
Lens material: Japan Resin (Premium Organic Material)
Hard case and high-quality microfiber cloth included
TR90 frame

More than what meets the eye

Visioneer_ads_format_25_720x_1 - Visioneer Brand
Visioneer_ads_format_25_720x_1 - Visioneer Brand

Performance. Design. Durability.

From our lightweight frames to our advanced lenses, every aspect of our products is designed to deliver the best in eye protection and comfort.

The Package

All our eyewear comes with a high-quality case, microfiber cloth and protective box packaging.

Driven by Values

Through our products and messaging, we hope to create a culture of confidence, inspiration and empowerment for all.

Customer Reviews

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April R.P.
Durability Guaranteed

I bought lots of eyeglasses from same brand years ago, for my son's usage and business as well. Now my son alreay outgrown his eyelasses and needed a new one. I tried different brand but it did't last even a week, the frame near the eyes broke. So I went back to Visioneer. Trusted durability. Since kid ang gagamit, it's very important na it is durable. I liked the la ultra feature as well since my son's eye is very sensitive to sunlight. Btw, my son had a coats disease so his left eye is blind. And the eyeglass (visioneer), is a thing that he could not live without every single day.
The black one his new eyeglass while the blue was the old one, years ago.

Jonnawin B.
Kudos to Visioneer!

Thumbs up for this product. Makapal cya and effective. Pati casing nya super kapal. I'll defintely order again.

Janice D.O.
Sasha UV Glass

The glass is really pretty. Highly recommended. The seller is so approachable. My item is being hold in ninja. For more than a week, and visioneer send another set of glass for me thru Lbc this time and so i received early as expected. The are eager on. Hearing the customers concern. Thanks again. Satisfied customer here :)