Choose the right frames for your face shape


Confused about how to choose the right eyewear frame? You ought to be. There are huge varieties available to you but only a few may suit you and give you the best look. You may often wonder how the frame that looked so attractive on display does not accentuate your features. This is a common thought many of us have after buying an eyewear. So this time, do not repeat the same mistake again. Its time you learn something about how to choose an eyewear so that it sharpens your facial features and makes you glow!

The choice of the shape and colour of your eyewear depends on the shape of your face.  Let us have a look upon the different shapes of frames that will match your face shape! 


Oval shaped face 

Frame styles: square, rectangular, cat eye, round, aviator, oval, oversized

Heart shaped face

Frame styles: square, rectangular, cat eye, oval

Square shaped face

Frame styles: aviator, round, cat eye, oval

Round shaped face

Frame styles: aviator, square, rectangular, cat eye

Diamond shaped face

Frame styles: aviator, round, square, cat eye