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Within the modern digital society, glasses have become more important now than ever before.
At Visioneer we combine the latest eyewear technology with innovative, stylish designs to bring you the best eyewear experience.

EyeSafe Transition + Digital Protection


Each pair has been carefully designed to create character whilst also providing your eyes with utmost protection.

100% Anti-Blue light + Anti-UV + Photochromic

You can now order your prescription eyeglasses online.

Yes! All you need is your latest lens prescription from your optometrist.

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Things you need to know before buying glasses online

Are you blue light safe? What is blue light? Blue light is the part of...

Learning how to care for your eyeglasses can significantly extend the lifespan of your glasses...

Confused about how to choose the right eyewear frame? You ought to be. There are...

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