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Shipping & Delivery

Is there a shipping fee?

How long does delivery usually take?


Do I need to register?

Why should I become a registered user?


What is prepaid?

Aside from credit card, what are the other payment options?

Do you have cash on delivery?

Returns & Exchanges

Do you accept returns and exchanges?

Track Your Order

How can I check the status of my package?


Does your eyewear have sizes?

Eyeglasses size guide

Prescription Eyeglasses

Do you offer graded lens?

I don't have a lens prescription form. What should I do?

Prescription Price for High Grade Power and Complex Prescription

Thickness of Lens


Why is my lens yellowish?

Why Transition +Digital protection glasses don't have that blue reflection?

Why my transition glasses are not changing color?

I did the RGB test but it didn't work..

Other questions

Do you have a physical store?

My lens is dirty and oily. How do I clean my eyeglasses?

My nose pads are loose. Is that normal?